Northern Europe Air Mail - Collectors
Collecting air mail is getting more and more popular. But what does AIR MAIL collecting  include?
The way we exhibit our air mail collections
Air mail collecting has to be: FUN, INTERESTING and GIVE SATISFACTION
Not just for ourself but also for anyone else who will see our collections.
There are :Flewn covers, Air Mail stamps, Aborted and Crashflights covers, Air Mail labels, Timetables, Exhibition covers andcards, Vignettes, Dropped leaflets, Etiquettes, Pictures and Cards related to air mail flights, Air mail routemaps and a lot of other things related to Air mail. I would say that anything that gives your collection and collecting a personal touch is OK  as long as it´s on "the FLAVOUR" niveau.
Even if collecting air mail is getting more popular I believe that we have to make it more interesting for the younger ones. If they visit an exhibition there has to be somthing more then just a lot of covers and text around them.
Why not show a flightfilm, some old part from an airplane or have a flightvideogame and so on.
Perhaps this seems a liitle bit extreme. But I do believe something has to be done. Otherwise this will
only be something for an older generation