Northern Europe Air Mail - Collectors
Q: What is the purpose of NEAM? A: To be a meeting place for both collectors and those interested in the area of Air Mail within and from northern Europe. Q: Where can I get in contact with other collectors? A. You become a NEAM-member. Q: Who is resposible for this site? A: Please see my About page for an answer. Q: Who can become a NEAM-member? A: Everybody iare welcome to Register as a NEAM-member. It is FREE! Q: Where and How do I register for a NEAM-membership? A: Click HERE and you will be taken to the Register page. Then you just fill in the form. Q: Why should I become a member? A: As a member you will have access to the member pages with special articles, members forum where you can get in contact with other members (needs separate registering) and a lot more. Q: Is the Membership free? A: Yes! Registeringfor NEAM-membership and the Forum are absolutely FREE! Q: Are there two differnt shops? A: There is the BAM-shop where you can buy covers and othe Air Mail related items and then the Catalogue-Shop where you will be able to buy and download the NEAM - Air Mail Catalogue Q: How do I pay in the shops? A: You will pay via the secure PayPal. (You can pay with your creditcard via PayPal). Q: Why does it say BAM \ NEAM or NEAM \ BAM membership? A: BAM and NEAM only differs in geographic collecting areas. There is no difference in purpose so it is a fine way for all air mail collectors to come together. NEAM is specialised for Northern Eorope and BAM covers the whole world.
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